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Dr. Dennis

In most of the settings in which I have practiced dentistry, my patients have included people who live in different places during different times of the year; this usually means "up north" in the summer and "down south" in the winter. Although this can be quite advantageous weather-wise, most snowbirds would probably admit that there [...]

Dr. Dunn

Hello All, Just got back from roughing it at a family camping trip in the Pocono mountains. My four year old twins had their first whitewater rafting / camping trip. My husband and I did a lot prepping and planning to set up a memorable trip for the kids. So the weekend came, and with [...]

Dr. Burg

It certainly has been a transitional year for my wife and and I as our older daughter Teresa has graduated high school in June. The last year has been an emotional roller coaster in helping her decide upon colleges. T was enrolled at a Minnesota University which we excepted-- as hard as it was, knowing [...]

Smiles Should Be Infectious, Not Our Environment

By Dr. Yasmeen Shareef, D.D.S. In today’s world there is increased awareness, cautiousness, and dialogue about germs, potential for infection and spread of disease. People use antibacterial products, and commonly carry hand sanitizers. In this atmosphere it is not surprising that there would be concern about the safety precautions undertaken by dentists in their practices. [...]

Forensic Dentistry Thailand Tsunami Disaster:

When Thailand was struck by a Tsunami on the 26th of December 2004, I never thought I’d be part of a Disaster Victim Identification Team that will be sent to that region. I was serving in the Royal Netherlands Army at the time, as a Dental Officer, and even though the RNA sent me to [...]