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Dr. Dennis

In most of the settings in which I have practiced dentistry, my patients have included people who live in different places during different times of the year; this usually means "up north" in the summer and "down south" in the winter. Although this can be quite advantageous weather-wise, most snowbirds would probably admit that there [...]

Dr. Dunn

Hello All, Just got back from roughing it at a family camping trip in the Pocono mountains. My four year old twins had their first whitewater rafting / camping trip. My husband and I did a lot prepping and planning to set up a memorable trip for the kids. So the weekend came, and with [...]

Dr. Burg

It certainly has been a transitional year for my wife and and I as our older daughter Teresa has graduated high school in June. The last year has been an emotional roller coaster in helping her decide upon colleges. T was enrolled at a Minnesota University which we excepted-- as hard as it was, knowing [...]

Forensic Dentistry Thailand Tsunami Disaster:

When Thailand was struck by a Tsunami on the 26th of December 2004, I never thought I’d be part of a Disaster Victim Identification Team that will be sent to that region. I was serving in the Royal Netherlands Army at the time, as a Dental Officer, and even though the RNA sent me to [...]