E4DThe E4D system is a clinically proven technology that uses computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to custom-create crowns, right our office, while you wait.

Instead of using traditionally inconvenient and messy impression materials, we obtain clean, fast digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in the mouth.

E4DThen, while the patient watches, we custom design a restoration that fits their unique smile using the E4D design center, after which it is transferred to the in-office milling center. Shortly thereafter, the patient’s final crown, is permanently placed in his or her mouth. There’s no waiting and no need for temporaries. There’s no need for multiple return visits. 

These E4D restorations are metal-free, durable, and gentle to natural teeth. What’s more, they allow us to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible in order to achieve the patient’s needed and desired results. It’s truly modern dentistry that fits today’s patient lifestyles.