MassageHi my name is Chris Barberia and I am the owner of In Touch Massage Center.

This past summer I was approached by Dr. Kammerman to work together creating a space for health and healing. I am excited to announce that Dr. Kammerman and I have collaborated on a plan to help patients suffering with TMJ pain. While going to the dentist can generate anxiety, coming in for a massage has quite the opposite effect. Combining these two modalities will allow us to better serve our patients though a holistic blend of health care and pain relief.

MassageThirty minute TMJ-specific treatments will help alleviate pain in patients with symptoms such as jaw pain, headache and neck pain. Our qualified massage therapists, along with Stacy Alexander our marketing professional, will help facilitate this venture. And of course, we will always have traditional, customized 6o and 90 minute massage sessions available for you. Our sessions are by appointment only, so call today to book yours!

You can reach us by phone (732) 810-2863 and email

Yours in health,
Chris Barberia and Dr. Kamy